The department for human rights, equal opportunities for men and women, religious cults and national minorities can be notified, in particular, in connection with the violation of the following rights:

    • equality of rights
    • the right to life and to physical and mental integrity
    • the right to free movement
    • the right to intimate, family and private life
    • freedom of conscience
    • freedom of expression
    • the right to information
    • the right to education
    • the right to health care
    • the right to a healthy environment
    • the right to vote
    • freedom of assembly
    • standard of living
    • the right to petition
    • the right of the person aggrieved by a public authority

The department, through its activity, starting from the importance of the intercultural dimension, ensures that public authorities respect the right to identity of persons belonging to national minorities, from an ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious point of view.

The department aims to highlight a reality that, both now and in the short, medium and long term, has / can have particularly serious consequences for the entire Romanian society, namely, the aggravation of the phenomenon of domestic violence against women.

The department analyzes relevant legislative issues, national and international trends, as well as the formulation of conclusions following the collection of information and statistical data from national authorities with competences in the field of hate speech, to highlight the current state of combating the phenomenon.

The activity of the department reaffirms the importance of the intercultural dimension, as a vital element in building a tolerant society, in accordance with national policies and international conventions to which Romania is a party, in the field of protection and promotion of the rights of persons belonging to religious minorities.

The field monitors issues related to the violation of the fundamental rights of the LGBT community, in order to respect the principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination, taking a firm stand against homophobia and discrimination against LGBT people and transgender people, thus contributing to improving public attitudes and behavior.

Considering that, at national and international level, multiple concerns have been raised regarding the need to take measures to ensure a better management of the forest fund, in order to ensure an efficient protection of forests in Romania, for the identification and shaping of these solutions, the department has undertaken and continues to undertake researches, data exchanges, as well as discussions with competent authorities in the field and forestry specialists, reiterating, in this regard, the concern for the given issue.

Also, the department prepared international reports, requested directly by international bodies or through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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