The team of the People’s Advocate


The team of the People’s Advocate

People’s Advocate (Ombudsperson)

Cabinet of the People’s Advocate

Deputies of the People’s Advocate (each deputy is the head of one of the Departments of the institution, specialized in the following fields of activity):

1) Human rights, equality of chances between men and women, religious cults and national minorities;

2) The rights of the family, youth, pensioners, persons with disabilities;

3) The defense, protection and promotion of the rights of the child;

4) Army, justice, police and prisons;

5) Property, labor, social protection, taxes and fees.

6) The prevention of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in places of detention, through the National Preventive Mechanism.


Within the People’s Advocate Institution, in addition to the departments specialized on different fields of activity, are organized the following:

1) The Service for Constitutional litigation, appeal in the interest of the law, administrative and legal litigation, analysis of normative legal acts, external relations and communication 

2) Financial, Payroll, Human Resources Bureau and Administrative Bureau, coordinated by the Coordinating Director

3) Audit

Territorial Offices

  1. Territorial Office Alba-Iulia
  2. Territorial Office Bacău
  3. Territorial Office Braşov
  4. Territorial Office Constanţa
  5. Territorial Office Cluj-Napoca
  6. Territorial Office Craiova
  7. Territorial Office Galaţi
  8. Territorial Office Iaşi
  9. Territorial Office Suceava
  10. Territorial Office Târgu-Mureş
  11. Territorial Office Oradea
  12. Territorial Office Piteşti
  13. Territorial Office Ploieşti
  14. Territorial Office Timişoara
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